NEW Swim Technique Dates

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JUST RELEASED.  Swim analysis sessions for October & November. Are you are looking to improve your swimming technique? An F4L Triathlon Coaching swim video analysis consultation is perfect if you are struggling with your swim performance. Our Video Analysis Swim Technique Session is a … Continued

When the going gets tough…

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Coach motivation:  When the weather is shit it can make it harder to train.  The motivation is dampened.  The athletes’ enthusiasm is rained on.  Its dark, cold and generally miserable.  Your bike shots are soggy, the sunnies mist up, the … Continued

15 weeks to Busselton 70.3

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And so the half ironman countdown begins!  I am using Busselton Half Ironman here in Western Australia as an example but this can blog can be thought of for any half ironman, anywhere in the world. I am keen to … Continued

Half Ironman Attraction!

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What is the attraction of the half ironman? I know what it was for me as an athlete… you could enter an event somewhere in the world, travel to the race, see the local area and then have a holiday. … Continued

Back Yourself

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There are times when everyone doubts themselves.  Some more than others.  Back yourself coach!  Believe. One of the fun things I have to deal with as a coach is being up front and honest. I’ll say it how it is… … Continued

Crunch time for Triathletes

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This is “Crunch Time!”  If you live in the southern hemisphere, you really need to start putting your training in for the upcoming 2017/18 Triathlon season. When I was a swimmer I used to swim 10-12 times a week.  It … Continued

Mallorca Training Camp update!

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Slight change to the Mallorca Camp for 2018! We are moving hotels – just round the corner to the 4 Star Hotel Marques. This has change has been forced upon us by circumstance but knowing this hotel and then management, … Continued

Excellence or perfection

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I haven’t written in a couple of weeks.  No, I haven’t been lazy.  I may have taken my eye off the ball… but not in the last two weeks… I did that a few months ago.  (Note to self: You … Continued

Triathlon Coach Planning & Values

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Its a bit of a weird time of year.  As a triathlon coach I am planning sessions, calendars, test sets and try to bring additional value to every session. Hence the title of this blog: Triathlon Coach Planning & Values. … Continued

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