Alisdair Thornton

Jubillee RiverHi, I’m Alisdair Thornton, I’m 43 years old and I’ve been taking part in triathlons since around 2010. I’ve always run, on and off, but wanted a new challenge and triathlon seemed the perfect fit despite my swimming (front crawl at least) being pretty dreadful and my last bike being a Raleigh Grifter when I was 15. I’ve taken part in about four or five Olympic distance triathlons and took the step up to a 70.3 in 2013 which went well (I finished!). My mid-life-crisis has continued apace and after a rush of blood to the head I’ve found myself entered into Ironman UK in Bolton 2015. At this point I realised I would need some help and after a recommendation from a friend I signed up to F4L training. I’ve only been training with Paul since the beginning of August but I’ve noticed results almost immediately. I feel fitter, stronger and leaner and mentally, just by knowing I’m getting the best advice, I feel a confidence I would never have had before. I’m a husband, a father of three and I work some pretty unsociable hours so spare time is tight but the way Paul lays out the training means I can plan ahead and build it into my day rather than just waiting for opportunities. I’m doing drills, intervals and numerous other structured workouts that simply wouldn’t have featured in my training in the past and the benefits are almost immediate. The F4L community is supportive and welcoming and as a “newbie” I was immediately made to feel like I was part of the family. My goal for next year is the Ironman UK and after that.....who knows but I’ve told Paul I’ll probably give it all up and take up wine tasting. He’s said he can help me with that too!