Andy Stevens

I first dipped my toes into the chilly waters of Triathlon in 2005 & it was ‘dipped’ because I couldn’t swim a stroke. So, I set about overcoming that little problem! A few months & lots ingested water later I entered my first event, by 2008 I had competed at every distance from Sprint to Ironman.

I have always been involved in sport, Football & Cricket mostly ‘both at which I played to a good level’ but have had a go at many others including Golf, Squash & various forms of Equestrianism.

When I became involved in Tri, I was already an NVQ L2 Gym, Fitness & Circuits instructor, so it was a natural progression to go for my BTF Coaching badges. I quickly gained my Level 1 & 2 badges, then went on to do the Level 3 course with Paul...

I now work with small group of Athletes, of varying ability. Together each one has gone on achieve their individual goals. These goals have ranged from European & World qualification to simply completing a triathlon. No matter how big or small that goal appeared, achieving them meant just as much!

Personally I get a massive buzz seeing athletes happy after races. It is far too easy to forget that most people do Triathlon for the 2F’s... FITNESS & FUN....

I believe that successful coaching should be all about team work & partnerships. The core of that team will always be the Athlete & the Coach. Around that core there will be other ‘equally important people’. This maybe a Physiotherapist, Nutritionist or Masseuse, but usually it is the athletes’ family!

Triathlon is not just another sport; it is a lifestyle choice and as such is very time consuming, so it is very important that the athlete has the support of their family. That is why I always try to fit schedules around work & family commitments! It would be far too easy to put a plan together, with very little thought, and just let them get on with it! If I did that, relationships, partnerships & finally performances would all suffer.

I like to receive regular feedback from my athletes; it does not have to be much, just a few words. As long as it gives me an idea on how they are feeling. As a coach I give a great deal, all I expect in return is honesty & communication. I appreciate & fully understand that we all have other factors in our lives that may interfere with training. As such, I do not expect an athlete to always complete 100% of a schedule, but just to be honest about what has been done.

Favourite  Quote: "Success can be measured by the width of a smile!"


Gary Forster: I can sometimes make mistakes, in my training attitude, and application, Andy has a Knack of focusing me and motivating me which is of huge benefit. At the business end of things when I had no experience, he helped me with little tips and even lent me to his bike box to save on extra expense. On the whole I never felt let down by him at all and this provided extra motivation during Ironman France so I did not let him down either.

Vikki Douglas: Last year was a struggle with injury and confidence issues but Andy really supported me and modified my training to help me.  He understands when he can push me and when I am in need of more rest. His weekly plans allow me to fit training around a busy job and family commitments which is incredibly useful. 

Dave Ellis: Andy took the quiet time before a swim session to quiz me as to how many hours I was doing in the early stages of my training schedule to make sure I wasn’t doing too much too soon. Even without Andy being my coach he used his professionalism and coaching abilities to make sure I was OK. In fact this happened a number of times during my build up to Ironman Switzerland. So, now as I work towards my next Ironman, Andy is coaching me.

To be coached by Andy call: +44 7734 031 853