Catherine Daly

My name is Catherine Daly and I am 16 I’ve been doing triathlon for a year now and as many people have told me – I’ve caught the triathlon bug. I’ve tried quite a few sports but triathlon by far is my favourite and definitely the one I am most passionate about. I love a challenge and triathlon has offered me with many opportunities to push myself. I’ve been training with F4L triathlon coaching since beginning a year ago. It’s only been a year and I can confidently say I am so much quicker at swimming, cycling and running. One of the best things about F4L is that we don’t just focus of the physical aspects but on all the other aspects like bike maintenance, nutrition and goal setting. The seminars Paul runs on these topics have really helped me improve within triathlon and also as a person by allowing me to develop mental strength and knowledge of how things work (like my bike). I am still loving training. In the past few months I feel like the team of people I train with has gotten so much closer and it is really feeling like we are one big team helping each other achieve our goals. Everyone is encouraging and supportive and are always willing to help if you ask. This is something that I am really grateful for because it is nice to know that even though triathlon is predominately an individual sport, there is still a team of people always there for you. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. Paul has done so much more than I could’ve imagined as a coach. He is always willing to help with anything, whether it be choosing a new bike or new pair of shoes or even in my case, school work. Although sometime I wonder why I get the sessions I do, after I’ve done them I always realise that they do make a huge difference – as Paul says “it’s all part of the plan, just follow the plan”. Without him I definitely wouldn’t be as confident or as strong as I am now. Can’t wait for my second season in triathlon.