Claire Mooney

CM2Name: Claire Mooney I started training with F4L Triathlon Coaching in 2012, after a close friend persuaded me to have a go at triathlon. At first I was dubious, as I lack confidence in my ability and what I can achieve. However, this is something which has developed having joined F4L and surrounding myself with such positive, supportive and friendly athletes; I've yet to meet them all yet but there is an overwhelming feeling that we are much like a family. As is per standard with me, I tried to talk myself out of joining F4L, as I didn't think I was good enough... I completely misunderstood the ethos of triathlon and indeed F4l. What has become explicitly obvious to me, over the last two years, is that no matter what standard you are the coaches at F4l offer you everything you need to ensure you meet your full potential; they support you every step of the way... always going above and beyond and give more than 110% they truely are inspirational people. When I first started training with Paul, I could barely swim 100m, nor cycle more than 20 and a 3 mile run was my max! However, 2 years down the line I completed my first half ironman distance triathlon and the feeling of crossing that line was simply exhilarating. No way could I have done it on my own and what's even more insane is that I want to do it all again (x2) next year and have decided to go on the training camp to Mallorca to help me along with this and... I can't bloody wait! If I was to describe F4L in one word it would be...  Passionate.