Clancy Quick

Name: Clancy Quick How long have you been in Triathlon: I did tadpoles for a few years and this is my 2nd year competitively Greatest achievement in Triathlon: Making the Western Australia State Team this year Greatest achievement outside of Triathlon: 3rd in Duathlon Nationals this year in my age group. What you love about F4L Triathlon Coaching and what attracted you to us in the first place: I like how you make it hard but fun at the same time and all the nice people who are super encouraging. What attracted me to F4L was meeting and talking to Helen the coaches wife at the end of the pool one morning between laps – it was fate as I was looking for a coach. What are your targets in Triathlon over next two years: To get fit enough to overtake the faster girls and become the best in my age group and make the state team again in coming years. In one line sum up F4L Triathlon Coaching: fun, enjoyable, encouraging, challenging, awesome and just really nice people.