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back yourself coachThere are times when everyone doubts themselves.  Some more than others.  Back yourself coach!  Believe.

One of the fun things I have to deal with as a coach is being up front and honest.

I'll say it how it is...

I am proud to be a coach, I love doing what I do.  I have the opportunity to make someone better at something.  A coach isn't always going to deliver good news or say well done.

If you are going well, I'll say so, if you need to work on something... I'll help you.  If you are going not so good, I'll tell you.  If you want to do an event and it fits the bigger picture... great.  If not I'll say that's not a great idea.  If I don't know the answer I'll ask someone.  If I think you need something I cannot provide, I'll find someone who does.

As athletes you have specified a goal for the season (and more than likely beyond just the current year).  A coach has to believe in themself.  They have to.

But the human mind is a weird and wonderful thing!  Just like athletes, coaches can have doubts too.

Where do coaches go to for reassurance or counsel when we need it?

Am I doing the right thing?  What are other coaches doing?  Should I be doing that?  Then it can get worse, you question your own beliefs and philosophies.

A teacher in a school can refer to a school principal.  An employee can defer to their manager.   Where does a coach go?

And if there is no where to go... you have to believe in yourself!

"Back yourself coach!"

In recent weeks and months I have been through all of these emotions... and then I ran a couple of time trial sessions for athletes.

back yourself coach

I believe the results in the race season will answer any critics... and there are always people who want to knock you down or think they can do better.  Good luck to them.

Excellence or perfection

What happens when athletes and parents start to question what you are doing?

Parents will compare their son or daughter to a competitor in another squad and an athlete will see what their mate is doing on Strava... I really hate Strava!  "Why am I not doing that?"  "Why is little Jonny not doing the same as such and such?"  "Mickey's run is not where it should be at the moment... why not?"

Well I am the coach.

I deliver things my way.  These are my coaching beliefs.  It probably will not be doing much different to other coaches.  I have been coaching for a long time.  My results do speak for themselves.  When you come to a session, attend a training camp or sign up for a personal training program with F4L you get that experience and knowledge.

We cannot be in peak condition all year round.  Its just not physically, mentally or emotionally possible.  So at certain times we will focus on having fun, working on technique, skills and developing strengths out of weaknesses... and then we can 'get fit' when we need to.

Bringing Balance

One of the biggest coaching challenges is explaining objectivity to athletes.  I can remain objective and have the athletes best interests in mind.  So for example, if an athlete misses a session due to work or sickness or anything else - they cannot just 'make that up later' it will create fatigue and possibly enhance the chances of injury or more sickness.  But, that is what a good coach can do... remain objective...

So, that swim time trial session!  A session I use fairly regularly.  Always the same protocols and set out...

28 swims, 23 season personal bests!

So now a note to myself:

"Back yourself coach.  Your philosophy of Consistant, Balanced and Sustainable training really does work.  You know it does - and we have not really started to 'get fit' yet!"

If you are looking to get fit for the 2017/2018 season in WA, you can sign up for a program with F4L Triathlon Coaching... now is the time to do that.

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