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Setting challenges

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In life it is important that we all set goals and spend some time setting challenges to achieve in life.

The challenge needs to test you though.  

It needs to inspire... YOU.  

You are the individual who has to go out and achieve whatever it is that you have set yourself.

Each season, we set out our big Triathlon goals.  Then we set ourselves smaller challenges and goals along the way.  

Setting challenges can inspire.

So an athlete sets their goal for the season.  The goal is to finish the IRONMAN in under 9 hours.  Ok... brilliant.  Now for most mortals that is a big ask...

Feeling overawed about the coming season.  An F4L Triathlon Coach will help with that...

So we set smaller achievable goals and targets en route to this challenge.  We encourage the athlete to finish their training session for the day.  The need to eat properly.  They need to rest properly.  Just for the record, clearing the gutters, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool or chopping wood... are NOT RESTING!

What inspires you?  What do you want to achieve in Triathlon?  Where do you want to race?

So for me I wouldn't want to rock up at a Sprint Triathlon unless I was going to be competitive... that means in amongst the top end guys for my age-group throughout the race.  I am lucky I have raced at ITU World Age Group Champs and I would not be doing myself justice, or the race organiser for that matter, racing 'to finish' a Sprint... that does not inspire me as an athlete.  

For others, simply finishing IS THE ACHIEVEMENT.

I will coach all abilities and do so, daily, within our club Phoenix Triathlon Club WA.

However, my point is, it must be a challenge to inspire each individual.

Recently, I challenged myself to do some professional development.  Mainly to keep my knowledge up to date and learn something new.  In the assessment part of the course I achieved 95%.  Well chuffed, no multiple choice.  This was written answers about how to achieve the best results.  Not sure I have ever achieved 95% in anything much before.  I am actually really proud to have done this well.

setting challenges
One of our F4L athletes racing in Kona

Let us enable you to achieve your Triathlon goals!

Sometimes when we set a challenge it can reassure us that we can do something... or that our knowledge is what it should be... and that we should never belittle anyone's achievements.

Whatever your next challenge is in the Triathlon world, F4L Triathlon Coaching can help you achieve it.

Every triathlete has a unique performance goals that need to be approached with an individual triathlon coaching program.

Paul is a British Triathlon Federation Level 3 Coach & an IRONMAN Certified Coach based in Western Australia.

F4L Triathlon Coaching offers triathletes a full coaching and training service that caters to all levels of athletes.  

You can be coached by F4L Triathlon Coaching... give us a call

F4L Triathlon Coaches are flexible and approachable. In addition to our training groups, F4L offers online professional triathlon training support and the reliability triathletes require.  Each athlete is an individual, every athlete has different needs. We provide you with experience and professional coaching.



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