David Wilson

I joined F4L Triathlon Coaching because after several years of making improvements I had a season where I had reached a plateau. I was doing my own training and was training harder, but not seeing the results in races. This started to have a negative effect on my motivation and enjoyment of the sport. Since joining F4L Triathlon Coaching I’ve won medals at several age-group championships.  In 2015 I am moving up a distance to have try and qualify for the World 70.3 Championships and see where this part of my Triathlon journey takes me. The biggest benefit of being coached by Paul at F4L Triathlon Coaching is that the sessions are structured between all disciplines with the sole intention of being ready for target race(s). Over recent seasons I have felt off form 2 weeks before a major race, but sticking with the plan it all comes right on the day. The most important thing to me about F4L Triathlon Coaching is having a structure to my training. Having the pressure of someone overseeing the results and feedback from sessions and adapt future sessions on that feedback. The biggest difference I have found since coming to F4L and before is that my Triathlon Training actually ends up taking less time, but due to specificity of the sessions is much better quality use of that time. This in turn brings better work / family / training life balance and better motivation to complete sessions that are challenging. The other asset that F4L Coaching provides is the constant availability of the coaches to discuss specific issues.  I would recommend F4L Triathlon Coaching to anyone who is looking for a coach to help them get the best out of themselves.