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3T5A7883The Challenge:

Let others lead small lives,
But not you.
Let others argue over small things,
But not you.
Let others cry over small hurts,
But not you.
Let others leave their future In someone else’s hands,
But not you. (Jim Rohn)

Its not often that I will sit down and go “Wow!” Did that all just happen. Individual Triathletes have achieved some awesome results recently within F4L Triathlon Coaching. Some of the results are more subtle and not entirely Triathlon related but this is why I love coaching athletes in this amazing sport of ours. Each achievement is unique and so richly deserved as a result of hard work, dedication, determination and overcoming their own personal challenges.

But the F4L family is just that, a family united by Triathlon and our individual drive and passion to achieve... and... we are a global family.

What people do not see is the some of the work which goes on behind the scenes. The stresses associated with having to help these athletes. Its not just writing a plan. Every plan I write is different for each athlete. Plans tend to be written 3-4 weeks in advance but it is rarely that simple...

Charlotte completing Ironman Barcelona

Triathletes tend to be determined and stubborn.  Generally they believe they must push themselves harder... even if it is an easy session... they are goal driven and rather than following the process (or the plan) push too hard. The result: injured, tired, sick or all of the above! Resulting in a change to the plan.

Then... there are the life issues - the athlete going through a divorce, or their child is sick, perhaps they are changing jobs, the partner has booked the last minute holiday, or for the juniors school is creating a ton of homework and additional study - all need to be considered for their training plan. Anyone going through this is not going to be training to their full potential. Often the training is a release, an escape from realities of life, but the athlete won't be functioning properly.

There are the tantrums - athlete's saying I can't or won't do that, I don't want to do that... the frustrations for me as a coach, when giving my time and considerable effort whilst trying to enable an athlete to achieve their goals. I listen to their issues, of course, but I also have to encourage them to do what is asked.  As a coach I only ever have their best interests in mind. Sometimes it takes an arm around the shoulder.  Believe me there are others where the big stick is required. Every session has a purpose, its there for a reason.

I won't ever ask an athlete to do something I do not think that they can.

I take it personally. I have to.  The athlete's goals have become my goals... I am doing everything I can to help them achieve it, otherwise what the hell am I coaching for?

It may sound like a whinging. I guess I am... but I am because I want my athletes to do well, I want them to succeed and achieve their goals. I am passionate about each and every athlete I coach and I care about their performances.

There are many more stories which should inspire others in Triathlon - just have a look at the inspiring video links on here.

Naomi finishing Ironman Melbourne 2015

But we have them from F4L Triathlon Coaching's own athlete's too:  Perhaps Stef who's Ironman South Africa story is on here somewhere entitled, “Going backwards.” Or Charlotte, who with her sister has raised over £23,000 for Pancreatic Cancer this year (click here or the photo with lots of pink to donate). Or Luke who has qualified to represent Australia at the World Age Group Triathlon Championships.  Or Helen who has been to Hawaii twice as an F4L athlete.  Perhaps Rachel, who's story about following the Triathlon rainbow is ultra-inspirational too.

Each and every athlete that I coach has their own challenges. Some challenges are bigger than others.

At the end of the day, every single athlete is different.

However, I love helping each and every athlete achieve their goals, whatever those goals might be. It takes time. Its all about the journey. It takes hard work, determination, dedication and belief.

What I have listed above is just some of the examples of the achievements, there are many others, medals at the Worlds & European Championships, Hawaii qualification, Ironman personal bests and State Championships that can be achieved when you join the F4L Triathlon family and follow four simple words...


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