Helen Viehr

Helen1Name: Helen Viehr How long you have been in Triathlon: Since Challenge Roth 2012. This was my first long distance triathlon and also almost my first triathlon. Two weeks before, I did an Olympic-distance triathlon in Spiez (we live in Switzerland). In July 2011 Kris and I signed up for Roth. There, the whole triathlon training started. I had no real idea about triathlon. Ironman – I heard this word and did some research. I was fascinated by what people can do and I wished I could be one of them. 12 years of smoking and not being really active I asked myself one day: Why not try it? So it happened - Kris and I signed up in July 2011 for Challenge Roth 2012. I could not swim freestyle, never had done a triathlon, never did structured training, I never was involved in any kind of running races. To sign up for Roth was a life changer. I went through up and downs and we tried hard to learn and make it work. And then it happened…we got stung by the triathlon bug, especially Ironman. I love it and I do not want to go back. Just move on, but this time with some great help. I am glad to have found F4L What attracted you to F4L: For quite some time I was searching for a coach. But nothing was available. When I found you in the internet I was attracted by the almost 24 h service J, open emails, texts, calls - whatever is in our minds. I really appreciate the quick answers and that the training plans are individual. The price and what you get for that is great. Even if we never met, the online coaching is working pretty well. What you love about F4L: I am a German citizen living in Switzerland. I never had the chance to meet anyone of you guys. But I am a part of the F4L family without knowing anyone and this is awesome. I have got more out of you than from some other people that I know better and personally. Even if I can only use the online service I have the feeling to be a part of something. I love to have the focused and structured training plans. The time management I really appreciate. Do not think, just stick to the plan. It keeps me motivated and helps me to get the best out of me. I have only been in F4L for 5 months and I do not want to miss it. I am now addicted to Ironman and F4L Triathlon Coaching. You do a great job. I cannot wait to meet you guys and train together. What your targets are for the remainder of this year and the next: This is the year a dream came true. I am allowed to race in Kona for the Ironman world championship. It is an honor to be a part of that BIG race. I have got the qualification in IM Los Cabos. This was one of my best moments in life. Right now, I am really excited and cannot wait to be there. I want it to start and never end. After my qualification I found F4L and signed up. I feel like I’m in good hands and I think I will be ready and in the best shape that I can be on October 11th 2014, a day that I will never forget. Well, after that I want to continue racing Ironman and get the best out of me. Kris and I are doing IM Texas next year. I have personal goals (racing my best time). Maybe get the Kona qualification again if possible, become a better athlete, a stronger runner in IM. Lots and lots of hopes, wishes and work to do. But with F4L, it becomes a little bit easier 😉 It depends how Texas goes for us to plan the rest of our season. So far, we plan to do a few Ironman 70.3 races. It is a great distance. I tried my first race one week ago and I really like it. And in one word sum up F4L: Awesome