Iain Pay

I joined F4L Triathlon Coaching as I had decided that by making my own schedules, I was getting ok results, but kept having injuries, and in hindsight was massively over-training. The latter having a negative impact on personal / social wellbeing, as always shattered. When work and life is so frenetic, I'm of the opinion you need to maximise everything you do. That means the most efficient and effective training schedule possible. That means PJ, coach, boss or anything else you may want to call him during the sessions!!!! Since having Paul as a coach my ability and performances have improved dramatically, whilst giving me a more balanced life. I'm greatly looking forward to next season to try and meet the goals together. I joined F4L based on a recommendation from an athlete who has been getting great results, and marked improvements on his previous seasons form, I thought that I would give it a shot, as I felt I still had loads of room for improvement.  My targets for 2014 involves qualifying for Hawaii Ironman. A huge benefit of F4L Triathlon Coaching is each session is set out for you, meaning you don’t have to plan as much! Each session then has a specific workout, and objective, much more specific than I ever used to train to. The structure to the training gives a greater balance to my life, as there seems to be more recovery. When needed the sessions are testing – sometimes you think this cannot be right, but then you go and put yourself in the hurt locker and come out satisfied in the end! The structure of the recording of sessions provides for easy comparison to previous sessions where you can see your improvement.  I love the motivational and fun atmosphere between other F4L athletes. I also feel like the coach is always watching over you and putting you right when things need addressing, e.g. run form, swim technique etc… I now also really consider my reasons to do specific races, and that is to go into some races not tapered, and they are pure training sessions… instead of racing every weekend! Overall I have more energy, meaning that I am generally happier in daily life than before, which gets a big tick from the other half. I used to be a grumpy young man at 31, but not anymore! I would recommend F4L Triathlon Coaching to anyone wanting to improve or get the best out of themselves.