Ian Hainsworth

2014-08-02 07.57.42-3Name: Ian Hainsworth How long you have been in Triathlon: Having joined a run club about 2 1/2 years ago, I then managed to completely damage my right knee (nothing to do with running, and probably best not to ask how!). My first triathlon was October 2012, and I have to thank my friend Alex for that - she said that the first ever Mandurah 70.3 was announced and I had told her that I had always wanted to do a triathlon. The master plan to do triathlon got a little more complicated, when the organisers the Mandurah 70.3 told me I had been so keen and early with getting my Mandurah entry booked, that I had "won" a spot into the Busso Ironman. I had no idea if I could do that distance, but wanted to give it a red hot go. I now realise I didn't have much of a clue of what I was doing - but I did know that I really enjoyed the experience of both events. I was hooked! What attracted you to F4L: Paul was kind enough to not only perform a swim analysis, but I don't recall him laughing even once (swim leg is by far and away my weakest). I figured that I had more keenness and endurance than I had technique, so signed up for his coaching services. So, now I spend my time chipping away at improving technique, strength, power and every now and again Paul allows me to run long (my favourite!) What you love about F4L: Very genuine and real people in a group all striving to enjoy the training, work hard, improve (and inflict pain on me!) What your targets are for the remainder of this year and next: Get back to racing.  Having spent the last 6 months with health problems (nothing to do with training injuries) and having missed 2 big races that I had promised myself - next targets are Mandurah 70.3 and then back to Busso IM. Next year I guess depends on my health, but realistically get faster, more powerful and continue to chase PB's. Oh yeah - to be happy and comfortable doing the hard swim sets would be pretty big ticket item too. And in ONE word sum up F4L: Sustainable training (I really couldn't find one word!)