Triathlon Coaching

Professional Ironman & Triathlon Coaching, Training and Plans

Consistent, Sustainable & Balanced Triathlon Training

All F4L Triathlon Coaches are flexible and approachable. In addition to our training groups, F4L offers online professional triathlon training support and the reliability triathletes require.  Each athlete is an individual, every athlete has different needs. We provide you with experience and professional coaching.  Let us enable you to achieve your Triathlon goals!

Designed for those athletes who want individualised guidance and require higher level or detail for their racing preparation and post-race analysis. 

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Your coach will inspire an internal belief that you can achieve your goals and you are capable of following your dreams.

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This option is for people of all levels: beginner, advanced or elite that want to work towards their specific goal races with a personal training program.

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To develop Triathletes, aged 12-19 years, who have the potential to achieve success within Triathlon.

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Cross Country Nationals

For just $60 / month our Foundation Coaching Plan

is aimed at Triathletes looking to improve the quality of their training and performances with a basic coaching setup. Your F4L Triathlon Coach will create a personal training program based upon your racing goals and current training availability after a 15min consultation. The Foundation package would be great for the triathlete who only requires limited coach-athlete interaction, but requires a personal plan. The Foundation program includes:

  • Detailed training sessions, specific to the athlete's goal including strength training sessions
  • a basic Training Peaks account
  • Foundation Plans do not include continual communication with a coach
  • AU$60 / month or AU$650 / year (paid in advance).

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