Jason Corbett

I had a relatively good 2012 race season, but felt I left a lot of time and thereby positions out on the course. I could never quite put my finger on why I lost that time or why the body reacted as it did and I was determined to correct that. Coming to the end of the season, I played with the idea of working with a coach for 2013. I spoke with a few club mates and fellow triathletes and all had varying information, advice and guidance. I used the tried and trusted google and came across a number of coaches. One piece of advice I received from a fellow triathlete was ‘find someone you can talk to and communicate with’, so following numerous discussions and email exchanges with online coaches, I dropped the idea of working with an overseas coach as I wasn’t impressed with the communications. However, one night while looking for the holy grail, I came across Paul and F4L Triathlon Coaching in 220 magazine. From the outset, I found Paul informative and engaging and so the journey began. The target for 2014 was to complete Ironman Austria.  Mission accomplished in under 10 hours which I am so proud to have achieved and could not have done it without Paul's help. F4L Triathlon Coaching bring a structure to my training. I know I can trust Paul to deliver the weekly plans with my goals in mind. Work and family life are busy and important, and the structure Paul puts in place allows me to plan my training around these things. Up until now I always used the ‘harder is better’ approach to training but I am now seeing the light. ‘Stick to the plan’ is now engrained in my mind. I enjoy the structure the training plans bring. It makes planning my week easier. I also like the fact that someone is checking my training which helps in getting me out the door on wet, cold wintery days. The online forum is also good, I like reading how others are getting on and suffering just like me. I know I’m not on my own then. In the first months I have worked with Paul, I have noticed a much more balanced approach to my training and less impact on family time. I am more motivated to achieve my targets as I know I am working from a personalised plan and not a generic plan I pulled from a magazine or online forum. To read Jason's Blog on how his training is going, click here