John Ross

77488_DSU15_NAA_003667aName: John Ross (GB) How long you have been in Triathlon: I have been taking part in Triathlon for 4 years and was hooked from the very first race. Having swum competitively as a youngster and with a surfing background I was always very comfortable in the water. From Sprint, Olympic, half and full distance Ironman I have covered all the distances in racing, even some duathlons for training during the Winter! Greatest achievement in Triathlon: In 2014 I raced my first Ironman and in 2015 I set myself the goal of qualifying for the Age Group World Championships in my age group for Team GB (30-34). Am pleased to say with Coach Paul and F4L Triathlon Coaching I was able to achieve and fulfill a lifelong dream of representing my country (I never thought it would be in triathlon!). Greatest achievement outside of Triathlon: When not swimming, biking, running, foam rolling, elevating my legs or generally lunging and stretching around the house I love to travel with my wife, both of us being foodies and loving our wine! My work takes me all over the world so although this can cause some changes in the training plan, I get to train in different, beautiful locations! What you love about F4L triathlon Coaching and what attracted you to us in the first place: Thanks to Jedi Master Paul and his padoine Andy I have been able to meet my targets that I have set every year. F4L puts on a fantastic training camp in Mallorca in the Spring which sets us up nicely for the racing season. What are your targets over the next few years: After red lining in the shorter distance races in 2015, 2016 will see me return to the longer distance... Ironman with one clear goal (possibly not this season but the goal will never change): KONA. In one line sum up F4L Triathlon Coaching: Just remember STTP (stick to the plan)!