Mallorca Training Camp 2014 Photos

Some of the photos from the 2014 training camp in Colonia Sant Jordi, Mallorca:

What an awesome week. Best part - Winning King of the Mountain up Sant Salvador! Generally training with a group of people, I train alone all the time so just swimming, cycling and running with a group and with people my level or better was great. I'll be back next year!- John Rachel: "I loved the drills on the beach – what a location and giggle. Watching Brian being bounced along was an image I’ll never forget! It was the genuine laughs that we had as a group that made it special this year and I appreciated the activities you did to help us bond." Will you be back next year? "Hell yes!" List your favourite things about the camp: long bike rides, banter, cheesecake, the whole team ethic, making new friends/ training partners, sunshine and beer! - Russell Kate's favourite things about the camp: "Great bunch of people, good hotel and nice food, fantastic weather, lovely pool to swim in and the opportunity to train without the usual life distractions."