Mathew Jackman

IMG_6889Mathew Jackman I started in triathlon in 2004 after 14 years of playing hockey. After writing my own program and suffering a range of over-training injuries I joined F4L Triathlon Coaching in 2014. My greatest achievement in triathlon has been seeing the improvements in my results over the last eighteen months, including going from a sub 11 hr iron distance athlete to a sub 10hr iron distance athlete with room to further improve. Outside (and ranked before triathlon) my greatest achievement is my family. The best part of being part of the F4L family is the motivation seeing others do so well. Also, Paul values the importance of family life and understands the value in finding the balance between triathlon, family and work. Being a correspondence athlete can be hard having never met Paul in person, but the communication channels are always open with Paul. In the next two or so years I hope to qualify for Kona, have a good iron distance run and do some exotic races abroad. F4L Triathlon Coaching is finding the right balance between triathlon and life or as Paul says, "Sustainable, Consistent and Balanced training."