Nigel Pasea

NigelName: Nigel Pasea (age 57) How long have you been in Triathlon:  Only about 3 years. Mainly a cyclist who signed up for a sprint triathlon as a spur of the moment thing with no real swimming or running ability! Got hooked on the format and have done several sprints and Olympics since. Greatest achievement in Triathlon: Have done the London Olympic triathlon the last two years. Greatest achievement outside of Triathlon: Just about managing to balance training with work and family commitments (5 kids) without the wife divorcing me. What you love about F4L Triathlon Coaching and what attracted you to us in the first place:  I needed a venue that my wife would like to accompany me and Mallorca really fitted the bill! And compared with other training organisations, F4L Triathlon Coaching gave a discount for non-participating spouses. I really liked the website and structure of the training program. Having attended I really liked the camaraderie among all the group, have kept in touch with all, and have been inspired by their exploits over the year to motivate me to keep training. What are your targets in Triathlon over next two years:  I would like to do a full Ironman before I hit 60. I'm running out of time.... Hopefully 2016 will see a full marathon in January and a 70.3 in November then we'll see. In one line sum up F4L Triathlon Coaching:  Its like training with kindred spirits who are always their to support and inspire you.