Paul Common

I’m about to start my third season in Triathlon.  My first season was about making it over the finish line in Sprint and then Standard distance events. The year past I hoped to improve a lot and I knew I could beat my previous race times. It was during this time that I knew my training approach wasn’t optimal. There was almost no plan to my training. I did what I fancied on the day. In an attempt to improve my training I cobbled sessions together from information gleaned from magazines and the internet but have never had the confidence to know these were right from me. My results did improve, but I still feel I can do a lot better! That’s where Paul and F4L Triathlon Coaching come in; you know the sessions are tailored to get the most out of you for when race day comes. Not every session has to be done like you’re in a race,this means you can make the best use of the time you have available and not waste it doing a session because like it or googling the internet to find a session you think might help. In the few months that I have been coached by Paul I already feel my fitness and technique has improved and I am looking forward to the season ahead. I enjoy all the sessions with the knowledge that each one has a purpose.  There is a downside though... your family and friends who know you have a coach will expect you to perform like a Brownlee or Jenkins! But that gives you added motivation and I’ll be using that motivation in September for the Virgin Active London Tri Olympic course knowing my training and preparation will be right….