Swim Video Analysis

Swim video analysisAre you are looking to improve your swimming technique? An F4L Triathlon Coaching swim video analysis consultation is perfect if you are struggling with your swim performance.

The F4L Triathlon Coaching Video Analysis Session is a fabulous swim coaching service and is suitable for any level of swimmer - from those of you learning to swim freestyle for the first time, to those looking to be at the front or just move up the field.

Your F4L Triathlon coach will explain the key faults in your stroke and then work through correcting them with you.

The following times and dates are available at Cannington Leisureplex:

More time and dates coming soon - if non of the times fit then drop us a line and we can arrange one.  

Session cost is $99.

Bookings are available for groups too by email.

During the 60 minute session we will:

1. Film you above and below the water swimming using an underwater camera. Your coach will ease you through the session. You should never feel intimidated by this first stage - we all started to swim somewhere. It is only a snapshot of where your swimming is at the moment and we are here to help you develop your freestyle stroke! Please bring appropriate swim kit (e.g. bathers, cap and goggles).

The video shows a video analysis session done with a local athlete. On the left is the 'before' stroke / on the right '1 hour later'.

Our swim video feedback gives you a clear view of your stroke

2. We'll then get you out on the side and show what you are doing throughout your freestyle swimming stroke. We'll feedback and describe your strengths and areas for improvement.  We will then highlight just 2 or 3 key areas that need to be worked on. Please bring a towel to wrap around your shoulders.

3. We'll then get you back into the water and work on correcting your stroke.  We will only work on one aspect at a time.  Throughout this session we will be mindful of what is most important for you personally.  Your coach will use their experience, expertise and a range of beneficial training tools and drills to help you develop your swimming prowess!

4. Your coach will summarise the key points for you again and will use different learning styles for you on how to take this advice and use it going forwards in your normal training sessions.

We do also offer a follow-up 60 minute session for $89 for those seeking more regular input after this first initial consultation.