Pierre-Emmanuel Jouy

PEJName: Pierre-Emmanuel Jouy How long you have been in Triathlon: I started Triathlon from a training point of view in November 2012 and from a race point of view April 2013. What attracted you to F4L: I was looking for more structure in my training regime, advice from someone knowledgeable about the sport and the additional motivation of being “watched” by Paul to complete the plan. I registered somewhere on-line my interest to find a Triathlon coach. 2 answers came back one from the US and one from England. Since the beginning Paul has been easy going with the formalities of joining his squad. I found it is to join he explained me his training philosophy which has been working well for me since then. What you love about F4L: I like the possibility to talk to Paul whenever needed, but to be honest the plan (in Training Peaks) is straightforward enough (most of the time 😉 so that we don’t need to chat every week. I am happy with the progress I have been making in the sport and the new life style that goes with. It is Saturday as I write this profile, I have been up at 6:30am and swam my 2400m already. F4L bring me the structure I wanted and I am now a more discipline athlete which is really important for endurance sport. The key to being successful, I believe, is in consistency over the years so F4L really helped me to achieve that. I will be participating to my first group training camp with F4L in Mallorca next year and I am looking forward to it. It will be my first encounter with the rest of the squad. I am really looking forward to it. What your targets are for the remainder of this year and next: I have started this week on my base training for next year competition. So the target for this year is to be consistent especially for the Sunday bike rides due to the lovely weather here in Britain. The main races for 2015 will be Ironman Nice (my first branded long distance) and also Ironman 70.3 Barcelona. The challenge I foresee are the sea swim for both event, the hilly bike course (especially Nice) and may be the heat. As I trained in England I am not used to racing under high temperature despite being French! And in ONE word sum up F4L: FUN!