Rachel Heeley

Rachel Heeley 2A very young 38!! I have been involved in triathlon since March 2013 (thought about it for years beforehand!) I signed up with F4L Triathlon Coaching as I did not have a clue where to start and thought I would only ever do one triathlon to say I had done it... er... here I am some time and several triathlons later... loving it!  I decided to join when my 2nd child started school to invest some time and effort into myself. I love F4L Triathlon Coaching as I am considered to be an athlete! I am not a pro and have never been forced to be one. I was accepted as a ‘windmill’ swimmer, scared to death biker rider, reasonable runner and someone who would never swim in open water. I have in the last 18 months with direction and positive coaching achieved sprint triathlons with confidence and pride. I now embark upon my first open water triathlon. Goals for next year – develop from my present form, complete several triathlons including one standard tri and one open water event. Why F4L – ‘why not F4L’ (there is no reason to not to, it works & sport can work with you and your life to achieve your best potential)