Richard Agan

I joined F4L Triathlon Coaching because I was new to the sport of Triathlon and although I was running regularly I had no experience with swimming and biking yet alone how I would go about training for all three sports all together. After a swim technique session with Paul he mentioned his triathletes' training plans. He explained he could set plans to improve my swimming and biking. Over the years I have improved my swim threshold pace and built up a good basis for my biking getting stronger and stronger each year from the good intense winter training. My main target for 2013 is to qualify for the ITU World Duathlon Championships in Canada.  With this is mind the first part of my season will be based around Duathlon. After starting the season off on a high, I will be aiming to train for longer distances and entering the Ironman 70.3 France in Pays D'Aix which will be in September. Between April and August I will be aiming to compete in two or three standard distances triathlons and maybe throw a local half Ironman into the mix to prepare for my big race in France. Biggest benefit from being part of F4L Triathlon Coaching is the structured training plans specific to my needs. Paul sets the training to make sure I am at my peak for my A races and alternate between each discipline so I am never doing two bike or runs two days running as this will increase the risk of getting injured. No one has the same training plan which emphasis Paul's commitment to getting the best out each and everyone of his athletes. The thing that I enjoy the most about F4L Triathlon Coaching is the group of athletes that Paul's has brought together. He has attracted athletes from all around the world and it is great to communicate with them as we have a lot in common and Paul is always organising group get together's so his athletes can not only train together but socialise as well. The other athletes are always there to give advice from their experiences. We also have friendly competition between each other because in a race I will always be looking for people I know to try and beat! Paul's also sets a lot of very good swim sessions which are unbeatable as he has sessions which are drill based to improve my swim technique to preparing me for race day with race practice and setting threshold paces. I recently had a one to one swim session in an endless pool which was great fun and showed me a lot of my weakness to improve on over the winter. Throughout the years at F4L Triathlon Coaching I have made a lot of improvements with my swim and bike times, although I still have a long long way to go to perfection. Paul has helped me complete two Ironman 70.3's and he will continue to train and motivate me to complete more 70.3 and maybe one or two Ironmans in the future. Although I really enjoy the Tri life it does take up a lot of my time training 6-7 days a week but I like the rush I get and how fast time fly's when I'm doing an interval session. Some people think that turbo sessions are boring but with Paul's session I may not want to start them but once I start the efforts I somehow love them and enjoy the pain in quads and at the end it makes me think I'm so pleased I did that. Knowing that someone has spent there time setting me a plan and telling me what to do each is enough motivation to keep me focused on my training. If I didn't have Paul's plan I would not be able to motivate myself to get a session done.