Sarah Economides

1087_080684aName: Sarah Economides How long have you been in Triathlon: I did my first Triathlon in October 2014 so not very long! Greatest achievement in Triathlon: Learning to swim. Greatest achievement outside of Triathlon: Making it this far in life which is full of wonderful variety and great people. What you love about F4L Triathlon Coaching and what attracted you to us in the first place: I'm part of the 'online' training group and the programs have been brilliant - I was delivered to the start line of an Ironman within a year of signing up (and just learning to swim) and in excellent form which led to a very positive experience on the day. The training is designed to work for you and around your life. My husband Stef was, and still is, training with F4L before I even considered Triathlon, so it made sense that I joined too. What are your targets in Triathlon over next two years: To keep enjoying the training and racing so I can do another full distance in good form. In one line sum up F4L Triathlon Coaching: Flexible - responds to changing circumstances that can effect the training/life balance.