Simon Wang Langer

Simon Langer 1Name: Simon Wang Langer How long you have been in Triathlon: 2 years What attracted you to F4L Triathlon Coaching: Paul as a person. I initially had interviews with three coaches on Skype and although it is a minor thing, Paul was the only one that added video to the call and that just tells you something. Besides that, the experience Paul comes with and the service he provides is very reasonably priced and was an obvious choice as my first personal coach. What you love about F4L Triathlon Coaching: Paul, his humour, honesty and availability. His is always very responsive and very good at adjust the training to my last minutes changes in working schedule (Sorry Paul!). What your targets are for the remainder of this year and next: Completing my first full ironman distance event in less than 11 hours and go sub 4:45 in a half-ironman distance event. And in ONE word sum up F4L: Commitment.