Stef Economides

Stef2Name: Stef Economides How long have you been in Triathlon: On and off since about 1998, but mostly off sadly but back in full-swing for the past 4 years or so. Greatest Achievement in Triathlon: Tricky one, not sure if it was breastroking my way round my first Tri in a wetsuit heavier than a suit of armour and a 12kg bike, or finishing my last IM in a lovely PB with minimal run training due to injury. Greatest Achievement outside Triathlon: So many to choose from! *:D big grin Seriously though, probably rebuilding our 300 year old house in the Peak District. What I love about F4L Triathlon Coaching: 4 years ago I decided I needed to do an IM before I got too old, but needed some focus in my training and had none, so I did some research on getting a coach. F4L Triathlon Coaching seemed to fit the bill and I haven't looked back since. Great camaraderie amongst the other athletes, specific training programmes suited to me and my lifestyle and results galore. My targets in triathlon over the next 2 years: Try and remain injury-free and continue to enjoy what I'm doing. It would be nice to be clocking some PBs along the way, but realistically I guess that would just be a wonderful bonus. In one line sum up F4L Triathlon Coaching:  Professional, fun and knowledgeable coaches who can help you really achieve.