Stef Economides

I joined F4L Triathlon Coaching because I was finding it difficult to wade through and make sense of all the information in magazines and books regarding triathlon training. My goal (before I get too old!) is to do at least one Ironman and I signed up for IM Kalmar in Sweden for August 2013 and threw in 70.3 St Polten, Austria in May 2013 as a "training race" for good measure.
My triathlon training in the past has been haphazard and hasn't involved any structure or science. Now with F4L Triathlon Coaching, I have a plan which is personal to me and my goals, structured, flexible in terms of my time available to train and involves many new useful drills and techniques which I would never have used otherwise.
The fantastic Training Peaks software is easy to use and means I can plan training around my working week, and there is always advice and help available via email, facebook, skype or telephone if I need it. It's all very motivating!