Swim Drills

On this page there are some videos of F4L Coaching demonstrating some of the drills we use to improve and develop swim technique. Whilst there are very few athletes who can swim like Ian Thorpe... it is my belief that all athletes can aspire to swim with an excellent technique, and, with hard work, dedication, stretching, focusing on your technique any athlete can achieve their goal... Drills are used to break down the stroke and enable an athlete to think about specific parts of the stroke Drill: that I use on a regular basis include the following (click the links):  
Catch Up Drill
Finger Nail Trail
Single Arm Drill (with arm by your side)
Long Arm Doggy Paddle
Skull #2 (or windscreen wipers)
Skull #3 (or penguin)
Almost Catch Up (Ketchup) Drill
6-3-6 Drill