Travis Bentley

Travis done!Name: Travis “Stickman” Bentley How long have you been in triathlon: I started my first mini-sprint triathlon in February of 2009. I may or may not have finished it the same year… What attracted you to F4L: After almost five years of haphazard training (I use the term training quite loosely here) and another mediocre effort at Ironman I decided to get serious and started looking for a coach. I needed someone who could get me to my goals within the constraints that work and family pressures imposed but would keep me accountable. A few emails and a brief discussion with Paul convinced me that I had found the right fit. What you love about F4L: I love the fact that Paul and the rest of the training group share my philosophy that commitment should never cross the line towards obsession. That just because we are working hard towards our various goals doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have some fun along the way. What are your targets for this year and next: When I joined F4L coaching my main aim was to finish in under 12 hours for Ironman WA 2014 but with Paul’s guidance I am learning that this may well be selling myself short. What I once thought were limits are now just benchmarks in the rear view mirror. For now my goals are to set another PB at Port Macquarie 70.3 and then push on to IMWA and get the best out of myself and cross the finish line satisfied with my efforts, whatever time that results in. After that I plan to start training for and racing short course to really test my limits! In one word sum up F4L: GOLD!