NEW Swim Technique Dates

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JUST RELEASED.  Swim analysis sessions for October & November.

Are you are looking to improve your swimming technique? An F4L Triathlon Coaching swim video analysis consultation is perfect if you are struggling with your swim performance.

Our Video Analysis Swim Technique Session is a fabulous swim coaching service and is suitable for any level of swimmer - using underwater cameras to enable you to visualise your swim stroke.  If you have never seen yourself swim - you have to try this.  What you 'think' you are doing and what you are 'actually' doing may not be the same thing... 

The following times and dates are available at Cannington Leisureplex.

  • Sunday 15th October - 4-5pm
  • Saturday 21st October - 4-5pm
  • Friday 27th October - 6:15-7:15pm
  • Sunday 29th October - 4-5pm
  • Sunday 12th November - 4-5pm
  • Saturday 18th November - 4-5pm
  • Friday 24th November 6:15-7:15pm
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