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Personal Triathlon Coaching Sessions

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Personal TrainingOne to one coaching, or personal training, is available for any triathlon or multisport athlete. 

How about doing some one to one sessions with a professional triathlon coach?

It might be your swim, bike, run or even transitions, perhaps a combination.  One to one F4L Triathlon Coaching options can include:

  • a series of swim sessions, maybe some in the pool and some open water
  • looking to improve your bike handling - lets do some bike handling skills and cornering sessions
  • inspired to work on your transitions - come on... the forth discipline of triathlon
  • need to develop your confidence in the water - this is perfect...
  • want to develop you run discipline - lets work on your run technique and do some specific work...

$69 per hour plus any additional travel costs.


  • Book 6x 1 hour sessions for the price of 5 at $349 or
  • Book 12x 1 hour sessions for $699*

*Best value

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