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Kendall’s Team Questionnaire

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Kendall Walker F4L TriathonThe F4L Triathlon Team questionnaires continue to be a hit, so I'll put a couple more up...  This is Kendall's response. What’s the first thing to enter your mind when you wake up on a training day? Not a whole lot to be honest just ‘up you get Kendall, you know you love it’! Tell me your favourite F4L story. There’s a few but probably the first one that comes to mind is one that still resonates with me... the stacks (that's Chris & Naomi) and their Ironman Melbourne journey. They managed to work ridiculous hours, plan a wedding, no family to support them locally and yet still did such amazing times after vomiting and blowing tires. They blow me away those 2! Who trains and who complains the hardest? I don’t know who trains the hardest, everyone does for different reasons in their own ways depending what’s going on in their lives. Lately I’ve noticed Clancy has improved so much it’s great to see. I think anyone that is a parent and trains at all is incredible and admirable. I think the old men complain about being old men the most haha What’s your favourite / least favourite type of training? Least favourite is freezing cold bike rides where all extremities are burning Favourite is probably once I’m in the pool (not before hand), the fantastic variety of excellent swim sets we always get is awesome and the fun we have every night, there are always laughs. If you could have any superpower – what would it be? Alex Mac is a kids TV show from when I was a kid. She could zap lights off from a distance and I always want to do that once I get in bed. What’s your typical meal and snack line up on a training day? Fruit and muesli, nuts or something baked, Lunch (veggies and rice / chicken / lamb,) chocolate biscuit or yogurt n fruit + cuppa tea, peanut butter on rice crackers or anything edible, Dinner (more carbs and veggies fish or meat and salad), Chocolate. Water all day! What’s your usual pre-race routine? Wake up early and go to the toilet ‘as much as possible’ before hand. Force down a banana and some oats if possible. Go through my ‘Race stuff’ list and make sure everything is packed. Double check I have my race number and I know my wave start. Get there early so I’m not stressed and I get a good bike rack position. Sip on water and Bindi then pee in my wetsuit at the swim start 🙂 Describe the perfect 2016/17 for you. No more bike accidents. PB in any of the Olympic Distance Tri’s. Consistent fitness improvement and consistent technique improvement in swimming and running.

Quick fire round:

Favourite training music? Anything with a good beat (nothing chilled out) Favourite chocolate bar? (If you have one!) Snickers or Twix Favourite film and why? Um latest fav is Tarzan Biggest inspiration? Usain Bolt, love his additude! What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever received (that you’re able to share!)? Probably everything my coach has ever told me (gathered up bits n pieces over the years) it all eventually makes sense if not at the time it eventually hits home.
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