Bringing balance

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This time of year in WA is the when the next season is built.  One of the hardest things to do at this time is find a nice balance.  Its no good flying in September here… we don’t win anything … Continued

Mallorca 2018 Triathlon Training Camp

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 7th to 14th April     “Great bunch of people, great coaches, amazing hotel and fabulous food, fantastic weather, lovely pool to swim in and the opportunity to train without the usual life distractions.” 1 F4L Triathlon Coaching will return to this stunning island … Continued


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Life does tend to throw us some challenges from time to time.  This has been a tough week, my wife Helen was ill last weekend, I have been ill (world’s worst patient) this week and baby Sophie has also been … Continued

Feeling philosophical

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This week I sat down with my coach mentor and talked about various aspects of my coaching. My ambitions, my limiting factors, what I love about coaching, what I can improve, training camps are just some examples.  For me it was … Continued

Working out the kinks

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Been a while! Sorry tuned out for a while there. Its just been rather busy but so exciting too! Finishing up this season, in WA, with the Busselton 70.3, preparing athletes for the upcoming season in the northern hemisphere… some … Continued

When do I take a break?

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Mallorca seems so long ago!  I am glad to be home… but… its straight back into everything.  For me, Mallorca is not a holiday… I love it, and will keep doing it.  I’ll keep making the camp better.  There are so … Continued

What a week

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What a week! Mallorca Training Camp 2017 – Physically the hardest week of my coaching year. No doubt. Three sessions a day – athlete feedback – group management takes its toll… loved almost every minute of it. Slept 10 and … Continued

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