Working out the kinks

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Been a while! Sorry tuned out for a while there. Its just been rather busy but so exciting too! Finishing up this season, in WA, with the Busselton 70.3, preparing athletes for the upcoming season in the northern hemisphere… some … Continued

When do I take a break?

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Mallorca seems so long ago!  I am glad to be home… but… its straight back into everything.  For me, Mallorca is not a holiday… I love it, and will keep doing it.  I’ll keep making the camp better.  There are so … Continued

What a week

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What a week! Mallorca Training Camp 2017 – Physically the hardest week of my coaching year. No doubt. Three sessions a day – athlete feedback – group management takes its toll… loved almost every minute of it. Slept 10 and … Continued

Tempus Fugit – travels to Mallorca

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Tempus Fugit.  The Mallorca Training Camp came around a bit quick.  The last couple of weeks flew by.  Suddenly I am here… all the planning is done, all the hotel bookings, airport transfers… Jonesy get ready for a big week. … Continued

Pain in the butt

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So what has been happening in the F4L camp for the last week or so… well… in short: we went down to the valley, the juniors are stepping up, the seniors are trying to keep up and one athlete has … Continued

Now is the time

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It is interesting isn’t it how some athletes think that signing with a coach should bring immediate results.  Its very possible that you can make some improvements quickly by having a good coach for a short time but you won’t … Continued

Mead Physio Offer

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For athletes in the Perth Hills area of WA, we have a partnership with Mead Physio, Kalamunda.  Although they have clinics in Forrestfield and High Wycombe too. Physiotherapy works by integrating evidence-based research with clinical experience. Their physios are all registered … Continued

Return of a Triathlon Jedi

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I was trying to come up with something clever to title this blog… my coaching nickname has been Jedi for a while (something to do with my Star Wars appreciation and bringing balance).   The return is more to do … Continued

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