What to expect from your coach

As an F4L Triathlon Coaching athlete you can expect your coach to deliver a training program and training structure that is designed to suit you as an individual and your goals. Your coach will provide you with your individual training program and oversee your long term training development.  You can expect your coach to:
  • Prepare your individual session content tailored to your needs
  • Modify your sessions when required
  • Assist you to prepare race strategies
  • Provide suggested race nutrition strategies
  • Provide advice on proposed race schedules for the season
  • Respond to your emails promptly within 48 hours
  • Discuss your results following races when required
  • Provide basic advice on equipment and products
  • Refer you to recommended health professionals when required
Coaching Attention Levels Your level of attention from your coach will vary throughout the season depending on your phase of training and your circumstances.  Expect changes in the attention level from your coach:
  • When you have a major goal race coming up and your coach is helping you specifically prepare and peak for that event.
  • When you have an injury or illness that requires your coach to follow up and modify your training programs until you get back into full training.
  • When you are in a training phase where the training goals are simple, your injury risk is low and you are working on long term improvements with no major races coming up.  In this phase, expect your coach to be monitoring you at sessions with minimal phone or email contact unless required
Emails Emails is the easiest, quickest and most convenient way to communicate with your coach.  Email allows us to respond quickly to our athletes while still maintaining the quality of our training sessions and online programs. Training Program Modifications In general, your training programs will be written 2-4 weeks in advance and we do not expect to make modifications to your training programs very often.  In general, most athletes never need modifications to their training program if they communicate their training availability in advance to us (holidays, work commitments etc). We expect modifications only when there is an injury or illness or if you have a major race coming up and changes need to be made to ensure you reach peak condition. What is expected from our athletes