Go find Lance

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Go find LanceI had to put have our beloved Yellow Labrador, Tyler, put to sleep.  Its possibly the hardest thing any pet owner will have to do.  I know it was soul destroying for me.  For 15 years Helen and I have had pet labradors.  We lost Lance (Black Lab) in May 2016.  Yes, we named are dogs after Lance Armstrong and Tyler Hamilton, who, as most people know were dominating the sport of cycling at that time.

I'll never forget our family members or some of their antics:

  • proudly standing in the living room having destroyed the sofa, feathers everywhere
  • Tyler having to be bathed after attempting to eat a dead seal on the beach
  • Lance eating a bird we had nursed back to health.  On its maiden flight, it landed shortly after take off... into Lance.  It was extracted and dusted off and did eventually fly.
  • Tyler having his ear bitten on a walk by another dog.  Proceeding to enter the kitchen and paint it red by shaking himself dry!

It was the right time for him to leave.  

But, we have to question ourselves... of course we do.  We love our pets and we never want to see them go.

I know in the coming days and months I will remember other things too, but they are our memories and we need to cherish them.  They were special animals and part of our amazing family.  Anyone who has not been blessed with having these creatures in their lives may not understand the emotions we feel when we lose them.  We have had them with us longer than we have had kids.  Everyday they are there, at the table, under the desk, sleeping by the baby's cot or just with you.  

It was the right time.

On both occasions I believe they were telling me just that.  

The words I said to Tyler as he fell asleep were, "Go find Lance."  


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