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The F4L – A to Z of Triathlon (part 1)

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So I thought I would have a little fun with coming up with a Triathlon A to Z.

Obviously people will come up with other things for the letters... who knows maybe this is something which could grow...

Anyway, here is the first part - including letters A to H

Its all about aero right?  On the bike particularly, helmets, trisuits, frames, wheels even groupsets are designed to be as aero as possible.

Aid Station
Most races will have a drink station or feed zone – in Triathlon these are called Aid Stations

Allen - The legend that is, Mark Allen - famous for winning Hawaii Ironman six times... and playing a lead role in the story of the Iron War (his competition with Dave Scott to win on the Big Island in 1989)

Australian domination
During the 1990's and early 200o's the Australians owned Triathlon. They have have more world champions than anyone else – names like: McCormack, Alexander, Snowsill, Moffat, Carney, Jones, Welch, Bennett and Stewart are synonymous with Triathlon.

Bike – yep, you need one of these for Triathlon. Initially called a velocipede (actually, these are human powered land vehicles with one or more wheels). The first one was called the Dandy Horse!  They originally had wooden frames (no... seriously they did) – oh how times have changed.

Bonkers – pre-requisite for this sport!

Brownlee(s) – holy shit there is two of them! Two British brothers, the oldest is Alastair who won gold at the London Olympics and then repeated the feat at the Rio Olympics. His brother Jonathon won Bronze in London and then upgraded to Silver in Rio. Just so you know there is a third brother, but thankfully for the rest of the world, he plays Rugby!

Base – That phase of training where so many triathletes spend their winter. Some think of it as slow and steady, level 2, training... its not and that is where you really need to get a coach!

Brick – Oh this is genius... my favourite session... Bike... Run... and then you are sICK

Camp – Training camps. I love coaching them.  Our April camp in Mallorca is a must do!  Camps are fabulous opportunities for coaches to empower, teach and offer guidance to triathletes about their training and Triathlon. Training camps are hard work but should also be lots of fun, working off like minded triathletes away from the pressures of everyday life.

Coach - THE essential bit of kit!

Challenge – well Triathlon can certainly be that. Its also a brand of longer distance races.

Cadence – how fast we move our arms in the swim and our legs on the bike or run.


Dismount – when you get off your bike coming into transition

Drafting – traditionally you are not allowed in Triathlon, unless you are racing elite. However, many races are starting to allow drafting waves into the sport. The ITU World Age Group Sprint Distance is now draft legal. Drafting was brought into Elite racing prior to the 2000 Olympics to make the sport more spectator friendly. My personal opinion is, that it is a lot of fun to race, it can help with spectators and to make exciting racing, but it is not the true ethos of triathlon.

DNF – Did not finish. Best not to make these a habit. Always finish if you can.

DOMS – Delayed onset muscle soreness. Remember that hard run session you did yesterday? You felt fine all day yesterday... but you woke up this morning feeling a tad sore... DOMS.

Duffy – the reigning ITU World Champion, Flora Duffy from Bermuda.

Endurance – this is predominantly what Triathlon is all about... obviously it is not as simple as that, but you definitely need it.

Energy Lab – section of the run course in the Hawaii Ironman.

Emma – to win in this sport during the 2000s you had to have a name of Emma... especially if you were Australian. Emma Snowsill, Emma Moffat, Emma Jackson, Emma Carney

Elastic laces – to make transitions quicker, Triathletes use elastic laces (pre-tied) so they can slip their shoes on quicker...

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Flat tyre – These suck! Especially, when during a race or, on a cold winters ride, or when you realise you lost that spare tube out of your pocket... always at the furthest point from home!

Frodeno – Jan Frodeno... Olympic champion in 2008. Has also won Hawaii Ironman twice (2015/2016) and World Ironman 70.3 Championships too! Also married to Emma Snowsill (more on her later).


Gold medalists – we all want one of these right.  However, since 2000, when Triathlon became part of the Olympics there have been 4 male and 5 female gold medalists.  (Men: Whitfield, Carter, Frodeno & Alastair Brownlee (x2).  Women: McMahon, Allen, Snowsill, Spirig & Jorgensen)

Gomez – Javier Gomez. One of the best Triathletes on the planet. He can race Sprint, Olympic or Half Ironman Distance... oh and he has been world champion in those three.

Gels – oh my god there are some bloody horrible ones out there. There are some nice ones too: have you tried Pro4mance Endurance Sports Nutrition – excellent way to get Carbohydrates and other nutrition into your system quickly...

H –

Hydration – essential to keep the body moving... too much and you feel like Mr Blobby, too little and you will be de-hydrated... oh and remember once you start down the dark (cola) path, make sure you stay on it... other wise think Mentos!

Helmet – do not touch your bike until you have fastened this... you will get a penalty! At F4L we insist on riding with a helmet on, no matter where you live in the world. You do not have to wear it on the run leg though... although I have witnessed several athletes completing the run with it on.

Heart Rate – one of the best ways to monitor your performance both in training and on race day.

Training for Triathlon? Be Coached...

Paul is a British Triathlon Federation Level 3 Coach based in Western Australia.  Paul is also an IRONMAN Certified Coach and a Triathlon Australia Development Coach.

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F4L Triathlon Coaches are flexible and approachable. In addition to our training groups, F4L offers online professional triathlon training support and the reliability triathletes require.  Each athlete is an individual, every athlete has different needs. We provide you with experience and professional coaching.

Triathlon a to z

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