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Coaching TriathlonBeen a while! Sorry tuned out for a while there.

Its just been rather busy but so exciting too! Finishing up this season, in WA, with the Busselton 70.3, preparing athletes for the upcoming season in the northern hemisphere... some European Championships, World Championship qualifiers coming up... we have the Challenge version of the World 70.3 distance in Samorin, Slovenia in a week or two...

Bintan Olympic distance, Cairns 70.3, Barcelona 70.3, Challenge Salou and that's without all the planning next year at home...

Oh and did I mention the training camps in 2018? Announcements for those coming soon...

So where to start?

Busselton 70.3 - What a brilliant weekend.  Massive congratulations to all those who took part.  There were personal bests for many who took part... no one got eaten by the Shark who came to watch... but possibly the most impressive thing from a coaches point of view was the race executions by the athletes and the support from other team members, who made the trip down just to cheer everyone on.  So many F4L Triathlon Team and Phoenix Triathlon Club WA members came down to support... thank you... its the team atmosphere that makes all the difference.

This last week or so I have spent most of my time planning.  We now have a plan for what sessions are going to be when, when we are going to do group time trials etc.  We have also been working hard on setting up some other stuff behind the scenes.  This is going to be an awesome season.

Last Friday we had an end of season review with a social BBQ - Awesome job by Clancy for cooking everything that people had brought - I don't think she didn't poisoned anyone... and Ben said his steak was perfect.  The review was to encourage athletes to take ownership of what they can do to improve, how can they be better next year.  

The rest of the weekend was supposed to be a social weekend.  It started with a group walk on the trails in the Hills on Saturday and then we had a treasure hunt bike ride on the Sunday.  So much fun... just a slightly different way to enjoy a group ride... it may have got ever so slightly competitive towards the end as two teams came together on the final climb to the cafe!

This week has been more about getting back on track.  Staying on top of admin, writing sessions, updating the website here and there.

So good luck to everyone racing this weekend or in the next few weeks.  You have all trained hard so the racing should be easy (well... easier!).  Even though I am not right there beside you I am in your head or on your shoulder.  Time to fly...

So lets talk about me... this is all about me really?  Golf, well, that has developed a bit of a slice... not really a welcome one.  Worked out what I am doing wrong... now its a hook!  Got to love the game, guess that is what makes it so much fun.  I have not missed a day of studying Spanish... Creo que soy mucho meyor! Entered a bike race this weekend... foolish I know, but should be fun.

Hasta la proxima vez.


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