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Life does tend to throw us some challenges from time to time.  This has bechallengeen a tough week, my wife Helen was ill last weekend, I have been ill (world's worst patient) this week and baby Sophie has also been ill - one word, "nappies." I challenge (see what I did) anyone to change a sick baby's touche when you are feeling rough yourself!  Knock on effect is that I haven't been as efficient this week, so please forgive me.  The good news is everyone has woken up today feeling so much better... happy smiley baby and I feel normal!

So onto some other Challenges 

Challenge Championships Samorin, Slovakia

Good luck to Sarah who is racing the Challenge Championships.  Sarah, qualified last year at Challenge Venice.  Living in Dubai can throw up its own challenges.  I know that Sarah will have a great race and love every minute of it!

Vietnam to Venice to Samorin

Challenge Salou

Boom!  Well done Helen Viehr who won her age-group at Salou last weekend.  After going to Hawaii two years in a row, Helen had a challenging season last year with injury and sickness, but has bounced back this year with a great performance in Spain.  Next up - Ironman Frankfurt!

"Once again Paul has made the impossible possible! I have definitely been annoying and whining about my current fitness but as you can see, just stick to THE plan and good things happen. I have been training with Paul for four years and should by now know better! I learned that I am not a runner, I am a triathlete 😜😀 and once again, he got the best out of me! Thanks so much." - Helen

Elsewhere in the world, this weekend F4L have athletes racing in Allerthorpe Sprint and at the Northumberland Tri.  I kind of miss the the Northumberland race (I used to live there)... but possibly not the water in that lake!  Good luck guys - enjoy it!

Swim technique sessions

Back in WA, the season is pretty much over and now is the time to work on skills and weaknesses in readiness for next season.  Many athletes are taking the opportunity to spend time correcting their swim technique.  One of my favourite sessions to coach is the one to one technique stuff.  It is real coaching, it is immediate feedback and you can see immediate results.  There are still a few sessions available so grab the chance and book one.

The Phoenix rises!

I have shamelessly said this before, but I am so proud to be associated with this club.  Phoenix Triathlon Club WA is a new, friendly, motivated club supporting triathletes of all abilities across the Perth Hills and the Swan Valley.

They are now affiliated to Triathlon Australia.  The club's aim is to welcome new and existing triathletes into one of Western Australia’s fastest growing sports through a friendly, fun and challenging club environment.

The key goals in their first year are:

  • Have fun in Triathlon!
  • Increase club membership
  • Develop new coaches
  • Develop a Children's Section - Phoenix Tri Stars!
  • Run a novice training day
  • Have a social calendar

If you want to find out more check out there website

And now for the ultimate challenge:

Deciding where to take my wife for date night tonight?


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