Chasing the Rainbow…

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This is what I do...If anybody really wonders what Triathlon is about within F4L Triathlon Coaching... this is an email I received from one of my athletes, which I am very proud to share with you with their permission... "Paul, this morning I did more than venture out on my bike, whilst pedalling along the roads on this cold sunny day, I thought to myself, this time last year I would never have dreamt of doing this. Granted, I took my time, my focus was to enjoy it, hit the hills with consistency and practice those junctions. Ok, the turbo session was in the plan, but I could not resist, it’s been at least 6 weeks since I thought the roads were safe enough for me! Now Paul I know you will say ‘you can be’ but … I am no Iron Man; at present that’s not my goal.  As you know I am a working mother of 2 beautiful girls and have battled with post natal depression for 5 years. In terms of training, this amongst other physical aspects has been the battle, lack of self believe and mental stamina. If there is anything that I have learnt from this illness - ask for help when you need it. So when my youngest started school this year I knew I had to man up (easier said than done) and go for achieving that secret dream - pass the finish line of a triathlon. Many may be able to do this alone but I needed support and guidance as I knew nothing other than you swim, bike and then run! I would need support and well, coaching. I felt that my goals were massive. I wanted to ‘swim better’ (trust me, anything there would be an improvement), run alone with no pain and possibly achieve a PB and as for the bike … get fitter and not fear those roads and junctions. I genuinely thought that I was not athletic enough to be coached or indeed say I had a coach. However, shy girls and all that jazz, so I signed up with you Paul and I know you have not regretted it! Now, my achievement, as you know was first completed in June. It was not a fast achievement and at times it was not elegant, but I did it, once I found my bike in transition that is! I even went back for more in September and managed to put my bike chain back on during the race, wishing I had taken someone else’s bike that time! Seriously though Paul, thanks for making me realise triathlons are not just for pro’s and very athletic looking folk, there is always room for those of us who are just facing our fears and trying to make ourselves proud. F4L Triathlon Coaching has done more than help me chase the rainbow that is triathlon, by doing what I have this year I have achieved more mental stamina, physical capability and self confidence, whilst I may not believe it myself sometimes, I definitely have. I am totally on for 2014 and hoping for a flat tyre free year!" By Paul Jones
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