Ironman Melbourne 2015 – Naomi’s race

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finisherpix_0993_024053Last June I decided I was going to do an Ironman triathlon. I had done a few triathlons before back home but never really took them too seriously. I used to do a lot of cycling for fun, but I couldn't swim and I hated running. My training used to consist of long hilly bike rides, a doggy paddle swim once a week and only worrying about the run when it came to race day! Fortunately I had enough fitness from my cycling to 'get me round' but my results were always pretty average. Time for a change! I signed us up for Ironman Melbourne. I decided back in June that if I was going to do an Ironman, then I should probably join a club or at least hire a coach. I googled a few clubs and even went on a ride with one group but nothing worked out. Then one day whilst cycling up in the Perth Hills I saw a small sign for F4L Triathlon Coaching. I decided to give it a go! After a few emails with head coach Paul, I joined the group for a ride. I never looked back! Paul set me up with a training plan which was a bit of a shock to the system. I went from doing my own thing once or twice a week to a structured session almost everyday! But I was loving it! I even persuaded Chris to join (although he took a lot of convincing). Now I think we both agree that joining F4L was one of my better ideas! We have made some great new friends and both seen big improvements in our fitness. Before I knew it, IM Melbourne had snuck up on us!


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