Team Questionnaire – Cate

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Continuing the series of F4L athletes filling in a fun questionnaire here is Cate's... may be a theme emerging from one particular question! What’s the first thing to enter your mind when you wake up on a training day? What session(s) I have for the day and what time I am going to do them fitting them in with everything else I have to / want to do. Tell me your favourite F4L story. Going down to watch the Busselton 70.3 for the first time. When we all went to the Goose after the race and got those pancakes and Chris and I had a race/competition to see who could a) finish them and b) who could finish them the quickest. Then when we walked along the jetty and Chris and I were trying not to throw up but we still go ice cream after. Also just the Mallorca training camp in general. I don’t think I would’ve come back from my injury as I did if I hadn’t of gone there. Who trains and who complains the hardest? Trains the hardest – Trigg Complains the most – Clancy - but she does do it! What’s your favourite / least favourite type of training? Favourite – Cycling. My favourite training is cycling because I find it the most enjoyable in the group because you get a chance to talk to everyone but I also like it by myself because I find I enjoy that time by myself. I find that it feels the most rewarding because psychologically you have covered a larger distance and you can also get places that are a bit further away (such as the Chidlow bakery haha) I really like the long cycles that we do as a group where we don’t have any efforts and just cycle around. That’s why I like the Araluen loop so much. Least Favourite – Running. I find it really hard to motivate myself to run, whether it be with the group or by myself. I find that if I have a run session to do by myself I find it extremely difficult to actually convince myself to do it. I find group runs a bit easier to motivate myself to do however I still struggle. I prefer shorter interval sessions to anything else and really struggle with longer runs. If you could have any superpower – what would it be? I found this question really hard... but I decided that the ability to read minds would be the super power I would want. What’s your typical meal and snack line up on a training day? Morning Training Session – breakfast usually just toast or cereal, except early sessions like Wednesday morning where I don’t eat anything. Afternoon/Night Sessions – eat whatever I have at school. Usually some form of fruit, muesli bar and cake/slice at recess and then a sandwich usually with chicken/ham and lettuce for lunch. Then after school ill have something along the lines of cheese on toast, cereal, slice or fruit. Then I’ll have a small dish of whatever we are having for dinner before the session and then another small dish of it after. What’s your usual pre-race routine? Day before race Pack bag with everything I will need for the race. Go over bike; make sure wheels are pumped up, spares are in my bag. Put bike in car. Go over course maps and make sure I know how many laps of everything I have to do. Day of race Wake up. Have breakfast; which I have nutted down to my race day breakfast being a bowl of porridge, a banana and a small glass of juice. Get to race venue. Register and rack everything in transition. Walk transition. If unsure of any part of the course go and walk that and work that out. Then find somewhere to sit and listen to my pre-race playlist until race briefing starts. 20160403_162409aDescribe the perfect 2016/17 for you. Qualify for the School Sport WA triathlon team and actually get to compete Qualify to race at a higher level in the National Junior Series Give the Busselton Olympic Distance race a shot and see what it’s like Race at the draft legal Rockingham race and don’t make a fool out of myself I think overall the perfect season for 2016/2017 for me would be a season where I get to finish it for a start. I would like to prove that I can be competitive with the girls in my age group and try show that I’m not just that girl that somehow just manages to scrape into everything. Quick fire round: Favourite training music? Paul’s Pre Race Playlist that is on my phone – best song from it would have to be “lose yourself” by Eminem (last song I listen to before I have to go to briefing every time). Favourite chocolate bar? (If you have one!) Milky Way chocolate Favourite film and why? I don’t actually have a favourite film. I like movies like The Great Gatsby but I don’t really know why and I wouldn’t say that it is my favourite movie. Biggest inspiration? Chrissie Wellington - because she is clumsy like me - yet she is a champion What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever received (that you’re able to share!)? Consistency is key Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard  
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