Getting under 45 and lost in the pantry!

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Coaching challengeCoaching challenges this week have meant that this week's diary is a little late.

The team had an awesome session up at Lake Leschenaultia on Saturday.  A big group meant some fun race simulation in the water and then a tough tempo run set around the lake.  Then several of the team headed up to Jurien Bay for an Olympic distance race.  Looking at some of the pictures, seeing the team all stay in one house and then compete on the Sunday made for a brilliant weekend.

This is a big week for a couple of our junior athletes as they head to Way Out West (which is actually 10 minutes down the road).  What ever happens, they are there to learn in this Australian Junior Triathlon Series Event.  This week we have been sharpening up their skills and making sure that they are rested and as ready as they can be, not always easy when school throws homework, retreats and additional sport into the mix.  BUT, we'll give it the beans on Saturday.  Yesterdays swim session was lots of fun but the bike skills got ever so slightly competitive.

It is however, a race free weekend for everyone else in WA, which means training continues as does listening to Trigg's dreadful jokes.  I'll give you an example: "Did you know your butt's broken?  It has a crack in it!"

Hopefully the electrical storms, silly heat (it was 37 degrees on Wednesday) and humidity pass before the weekend to allow everyone to complete their sessions.  If not there may have to be some lateral thinking put in to make certain sessions do-able - guys please don't swim in the Lake if there is thunder and lightening around.

Elsewhere in the world one of the F4L athletes in Dubai will be racing around the Yas Marina F1 circuit in the age-group race supporting the first race in the  ITU World Series.  WHAT a venue though!  Not at all jealous Sarah... have a great race.

Post olympics it will be really interesting to watch who is in form... based on absolutely nothing other than a bit of social media I will make a prediction of: Jodie Stimpson or Charlotte McShane to win the womens and Mario Mola or Javier Gomez to win the mens.

The other thing keeping me busy at this time of year is the preparation and planning that goes into the Mallorca Training Camp.  It is the hardest week of the year but I love it.  The more I can be prepared the better.  I have been following my plan (in this case the checklist) and ticking off all the jobs that need doing.  Its amazing to think that we are already in March.  We have a WA inspirational team evening and BBQ next week, then its the Karri Valley Triathlon weekend, which is a featured F4L Team race this season, before I know where I am I'll be driving south down the M40 to my Dad's.

I can't give much more information about the camp on here (but there will be plenty of action when we get there!) - but I thought it would be pretty cool to watch the descent from Randa that I recorded last year - set to appropriate music of course.  Wasn't the best weather in 2016 but it is one of the best descents... enjoy!

So tomorrow I am hitting the golf course... after five sessions on the driving range, I feel I am ready to start my qualifying bid for the PGA Tour.  I mean, how hard can it be?  First up, lets see if I can get under 45 for nine holes!

In recent months, I have been through some challenging times.  Some good... some not so.  When sport (or life for that matter) throws us challenges, it is easy to get lost and stray from your goals, lose motivation or simply struggle to stay focused.  There are many ways to overcome some of these challenges: CBT, determination, your wife or husband, friends, support networks, family and exercise to name a few.

Occasionally, as one of my athletes told me this week, you need to look in the pantry.


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