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now is the timeIt is interesting isn't it how some athletes think that signing with a coach should bring immediate results.  Its very possible that you can make some improvements quickly by having a good coach for a short time but you won't achieve your true potential like that.  Now is the time to think about your triathlon future.

Ultimate results take time.

Achievements in any sport require consistent training, not just over a period of a few weeks but months, years and even careers.  Michael Phelps, Jessica Ennis and Javier Gomez all only had one main coach in their careers.

Triathlon is an endurance sport.  It takes dedication, perseverance, commitment and time to get where you want to go.

There are not many races left in Western Australia and many athletes are already thinking about next season.  What do you want to achieve next year?  

The same as you did this year?

Because, if you do the same as you did this season through the winter... that's what you will achieve... the same.

Taking four months off structured training through the winter and then hoping to improve on your performances is folly.  The winter is when you have the opportunity to make the biggest gains.  Less races to taper for, opportunities to develop strength, power and endurance across all disciplines.  During these months you can also hone your technique and skills.

To improve year on year athletes have to sit down and think about what they did and what they want to achieve.  Then working with their coach, they will work out a plan to move forward and improve... and there is always room for improvement.

As Tiger Woods says, "There is no such thing as a perfect round of golf."

now is the timeWith your coach workout what time you have available, what your SMARTER targets will be for the coming year, perhaps two, three or four years.  Get the agreement of family and friends, get them to buy into your goals... this helps with your commitment and everyone understands what you are trying to achieve.

Through the off season you have the opportunity to make every session count.

So if you want to achieve big in the future now is the time to make a commitment.  But make it with your coach.  Your coach must be committed too.  They will get up early to attend your sessions, they will be there with you.  No doubt they will be on the end of the phone when something goes wrong.  The best coaches will probably become more than a coach, a confident, someone you can rely on, talk to, a friend.  They will be right beside you on your triathlon journey.

You are going to see them pretty much everyday for the foreseeable future so make a good choice.

But make it soon, as next season will be here before you know it.


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