Pain in the butt

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So what has been happening in the F4L camp for the last week or so... well... in short: we went down to the valley, the juniors are stepping up, the seniors are trying to keep up and one athlete has picked up a niggle which is a pain in the butt!

Where do I start?

pain in the buttKarri Valley was a fab weekend away and I would love to go and explore that area much more.  We had a lovely family weekend away combined with an F4L featured team event.  One highlight was Rhiannon got to hold a Kookaburra.  Chances of me climbing the Gloucester Tree (Google it) are slim and none though!  Jeez how high?

Anyway, F4L Phoenix rocked down there.  Helen had an awesome swim and came out with the men... she accidentally started with the men too... but it was still a good swim.  Caitlin had one of her best races to date and she declared she had swum with purpose.  Maren, James and Eleta all finished, which considering the injuries they have been managing was awesome.  

Bri nailed her first race in F4L colours - and developed a fan club too. Sveta had a great swim and never stopped smiling. Ashley didn't stop being grumpy until he had a beer after the race - he did have a blast though. Sharnie looked very strong on the run and had THE fastest transition two of the weekend, shame about the small chain ring on the bike though.  Lets not forget MC Tadpole Trigg who made a mockery of the tadpole race (purely due to his age was he racing Tadpoles)... but it was fun and I gather the team kept the campsite entertained.

We will be back next year... probably en mass... if they will have us!  Photos from the event are available here

The state team tri-suits have arrived - Trigg (MC Tadpole) and Cate are heading over East in a couple of weeks for the National School Sport Triathlon... I am not sure how inspirational the juniors think they are, probably not very.  However, every team member admires their dedication, commitment and motivation.  Sometimes they need to be reminded that they have an opportunity as juniors that most senior athletes never had as the sport didn't exist in the same way then.  The senior members of the team really do enjoy trying to keep up with them though... and they are trying!

Sometimes, we do get thrown a curve ball and athletes pick up a niggle.  It is hard to manage when it happens.  Triathletes tend to be very motivated individuals who want to succeed.  When it goes a little pear shaped it can be a challenge to overcome mentally as well as physically.  BUT... one of the beauties of this sport is it has three disciplines...  so, when you can't run you can swim more or cycle more.  Chin up... its not that bad.

This weekend a few athletes are racing and good luck guys.  As for everyone else, we're doing super-sprint race prep at the lake and then I have a plan for the group ride on Sunday... remember the evil laugh by Jabba the Hut, well...

Finally, the golfing update... well, last week I hit the tees and greens (I would mention fairways but I didn't hit many of them!) for the first time in a while... trying again tomorrow.  Stay tuned... I am going under 5's this week!

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